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Escape Free® Sport Harness

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Color: Red
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Why Escape Free?

How many times has your dog tried to escape by backing out of its harness? The result of "that one time my dog escaped from its harness" can be a scary one. If you're fortunate, you might be able to catch your dog before something happens. But as dog parents ourselves, we are all certain that none of us want to ever take that chance.

The Gooby Escape Free Series was created for exactly that. The Patented Escape Free design contracts the harness when dogs try to back out, which tightens the space around their body and hugs them tightly so the harness will not slip off.

Why Escape Free Sport Harness?

A colorful and sporty look on a "Sport Harness" is a must, and we made sure of that. It comes with 4-point adjustments to make sure it fits on your furry pal like a glove. The lightweight neoprene material and webbed nylon straps ensure durability and keep your pup comfortable. If you're looking for a sporty harness in our Escape Free Series, the Escape Free Sport Harness is the right fit for you.

Size Guide & How to Measure

Cautionary Note:

Sizing is not consistent across products. Please double check all sizes according to your pet's measurements before adding to cart.

Gooby Escape Free Sport Harness Size Chart
Caring Instructions

Machine wash cold and air dry recommended

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Let's get geek out on the specifics. 📖

Escape Free Functionality

The Escape Free Harness contracts when dogs try to back out, which tightens the space around their body and hugs them more tightly.The harness is released when dogs are not backing out, which opens the space around the dog’s body so they stay comfortable. Click here to Learn more about Escape Free Functionality. 

Note: It is crucial to make sure the sizing is correct by checking to see if the harness still has space around the back, even after fully tightening the harness. There should be no space around the back whatsoever when the harness is pulled.

US Pat. No. D805,261 S

4 point adjustment

Two adjustments for the neck and two more for the chest to ensure a perfect fit for your pup.

Neoprene Body

The same material used in wetsuits. It is physically tough, durable, all-weather resistant, and provides cushioning and protection to your pup.

POM Plastic Leash Ring

The same material used in seat belt buckles. Both lightweight and extremely durable.

Quick Release Buckle

In house custom designed buckle for easy release and puts less stress on your fingers.

Sizing Adjustment Tab

Used to adjust the firmness around the chest such that even when the leash is off, the harness stays intact.

Machine Washable

Machine washable material allows for easy cleaning and quick air dry, saving you time and hassle.

Our Furry Gals & Pals

Let's hear it from our very own Gooby moms & dads.

“Not only does Winston love this harness, but we do too. It has four adjustment points, two around the neck and two around the chest, that makes it a perfect fit for any pup.”

Bridget G. & Winston

"The Escape Free Sport Harness came in. Tried it on. And she wasn’t able to get away from me again.So, ever since that I fell in love with Gooby’s products.”

Christina M. & Sam

“Just look at how easy it is to put on!”

Emily C. & Nuggie

“These products are perfect because they have a neoprene body, making them all weather resistant which is great for the rainy days coming in North Carolina.”

Gwen S. & Hans

“One thing that I think is really cool about Gooby is that it’s a small dog brand that really caters to different needs of all kinds of small dogs.”

Jacquline F. & Rocket

“We would use other products and she would slip out of her harness. So I did some research. I found out about Gooby’s Escape Free Harness and we tried it out, and we’ve been hooked on it ever since.”

Joey S. & Rio and Lexi

“The Escape Free Harness really was a turning point for Stevie’s experiences and possibilities for adventure.”

Juliane K. & Stevie Nicks

“If you have a reactive dog like me, I really do think this is the best product on the market to you. The design of it really is just a cut above the rest.”

Kim L. & Yoshi

See the Fit

Different Sizes. Different Dogs. Same Great Fit.

Frequently Asked Questions


Please follow these steps:

1. Loosen all of the straps on the harness.
2. Place the harness on the ground, with the side that has the Gooby logo facing up.
3. Have your dog step into the two openings of the harness with their front legs.
4. Pull the harness up and over your dog's back and securely fasten the buckle.
5. To ensure a proper fit, adjust the rubber adjusters to the desired opening of about 1 finger's width of space between the back of the dog and the harness.
6. Make sure to periodically check the fit of the harness and adjust as necessary to ensure your dog's comfort and safety.
7. Ensure that the D-ring for attaching the leash is securely fastened to prevent your dog from escaping.

We don't have plans to offer wider sizes right now, but we might consider it in the future.

Yes, you can use the Escape Free Sport Harness during hiking and other normal activities such as walking, running and etc.

- Mostly made of padded neoprene, a material commonly used in wetsuits.
- Inner layer is made of compressed foam for added comfort.
- Outer layer is made of soft webbing.

No. It does not.

The Gooby Escape Free Sport Harness is not specifically designed to prevent pulling.

Instead, it is designed to significantly reduce or even eliminate the risk of a dog escaping, particularly dogs that have a tendency to pull by backing up.

  • All Escape Free harnesses are equipped with the same escape free functionality, but their level of comfort and adjustability differs.
  • The Sport is purposefully crafted for outdoor use, emphasizing durability and functionality. On the other hand, the Memory Foam excels in providing exceptional comfort with its innovative memory foam padding while the Easy Fit prioritizes a lightweight design, ensuring ease of use and convenience.

The Escape Free Sport is not specifically designed for dogs with trachea issues.

For dogs with trachea issues, we recommend the Comfort X Series.

The Escape Free Harness is equipped with the Escape Free Functionality, a tightening mechanism that allows the harness to hug the dog's body whenever the leash is pulled or activated.

This feature is meant to discourage the dog from pulling or escaping from the harness. It also provides a snug and secure fit that can help prevent the harness from slipping or twisting.

When the mechanism is activated, it tightens and reduces the space around your dog's back and hugs them tightly.

This prevents your dog from slipping out when they attempt to back out.

Therefore providing a comfortable and safe experience for both the dog and the owner.

We've written two extensive blogs on this. Please click on the following topics to learn more.

1. Why do dogs escape our of their harnesses?

2.The origin of Gooby's Escape Free Harnesses.


The D-ring is made of Polyoxymethylene (POM) plastic, an extremely impact resistant plastic known for its superior strength and elasticity.

No. It has not been tested.

Currently, there is no Gooby harness that is designed or rated for vehicle restraint systems.

Therefore, we do not advise connecting any of our harnesses to any restraint systems.

Any misuse of our harnesses can potentially result in product failure and/or even injury to your dog.



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Returns & Warranty

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1. All items must be unaltered, unwashed, and free of pet hair and dirt.

2. Purchased within 30 days.

3. Purchased directly from Gooby website ""

Gooby is proud to design and create simple and functional products with quality and durability. Our products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for purchases from or authorized dealers for up to one year from your date of purchase. 

Please note that the warranty will not cover:

1. Normal wear and tear

2. Misuse or improper use of the product

3. Chewing or biting

4. Alterations or modifications to the product

Sizing & Measurements

Our sizes run small since our harnesses focus on small to medium sized dogs. Please take a look at our size chart for more information and how to take accurate measurements. You can find out how to measure from here.

If you can't find a size for your pup, help us create better harnesses by clicking here.

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