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Escape Free® Sport Harness


$ 33.75

Escape Free Sport Harness is made with light weight neoprene body. With 4 adjustable, Escape Free Sport Harness will fit on your dog like a glove. It's patented Escape Free Function hugs the dog tighter as they pull, lessening the space for them to escape the harness. Escape Free Sport Harness comes in 6 colors and 3 sizes.

Key Features

Neoprene Body - Mostly known for its use on diver's suit, neoprene keeps the body in temperature as well as provides the dog with soft touch

Escape Free - Patented functionality keeps the dog from escaping the harness Learn more about Escape Free Functionality.

POM Plastic D Ring - Made with the same material as the seat belt buckles, POM plastic d ring provides a light weight, strong alternative to metal d ring.

Step In - Step in frame makes it easy to put on and take off the harness.

If you couldn't find a size for your pup. Help us create a better harness by clicking here.

How to measure your dog


How to put on your dog


- Neoprene body

- POM plastic d ring

- Nylon straps


Care Instruction

- Machine Wash Cold

- Air Dry Recommended


US Pat. No. D798,508 S
US Pat. No. US 10,130,076 B2

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