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a photo collage of different dogs in Gooby community wearing gooby comfort x harnesses

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What is Gooby

We’re a small dog wearables company that designs patented solutions for small dogs.

As small dog owners ourselves, building harnesses, apparel, and leashes for you and your good boy is what we do. Here are our proudest design features:

Choke-free - for small dogs with weak necks and choking conditions

Escape-free - for the furry houdinis that like to slip out of their harnesses

Built-in Leash ring - we were the first manufacturer to build leash rings onto dog clothes.

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Why our harness?

Functional. Durable. Easy to Use.

Did you know that with collars, a yank in the wrong direction can cause damage to their airways, leading to a medical condition known as tracheal collapses. Our harnesses are specifically designed to provide comfort and safety for small dogs.

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Why our apparel?

Simple. Functional. Comfortable.

Our apparel keep small dogs with short hair or weak immune system warm and comfy during the cold winter months. We put thoughts and features into our apparel, such as

Built-in leash rings - no need for extra harness.

“Snap-on” button - holds jacket in place when you’re zipping up.

“No-Pinch” zipper - prevents pinching your pup's skin.

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Why our leash?

Durability and Comfort. 

Double-stitched nylon straps - withstand sudden strong pulls.

Thick and adjustable paddings - provides cushion and comfort for your hands.

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