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Deep V neck & choke free.

Escape free design.

Vests & jackets with built-in harnesses.

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Stop using collars on your small dog. It can damage their neck.

Are you still walking your small dog with a collar? If you are, there's a chance you're hurting them without knowing.

Compare to big dogs, small dogs have weaker necks and are prone to trachea injuries.

Don't take that chance.

Find out which Gooby harness is right for your dog in less than 30 seconds.

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Comfort X

For dogs with choking issues / tracheal collapse.

Escape Free

For the furry houdinis - dogs that likes to back out of their harnesses.


Indoor Warmth

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Stay Dry

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Functional apparel that are more than just the looks.

You and your small dog deserve more than apparel that just look cute.

Don't settle for just the aesthetics. Finding clothes that fit your small dog is frustrating and tiring. We get it.

You need practical apparel that are both easy for you, and safe and comfortable for them.

Find out which Gooby apparel is right for your dog in less than 30 seconds.