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1. What is the correct size for my dog?

We recommend following the chest size first and foremost. For example, if you dog is in size small for neck and size medium for chest, we recommend size medium. Please check our sizing guide for details on how to correctly measure/choose a size for your dog.

2. Where are the size charts?

Each of the harnesses have slightly different sizing based on the functionality of the harness. Please visit detail page of each harnesses/apparel to view the size chart.

3. What are the care instruction for the harness/apparel?

All of our harnesses and apparels are machine washable. Depending on the materials, some are air dry recommended and others are machine dry able. Please check out detail page of each harnesses/apparels for exact care instruction.

4. How can my dog wear a size large? he is only 17 lbs.

Our size is based on small breed. Thus size large doesn't necessarily mean it is for large breed. Please check the size chart for a correct fit.

5. Why don't you guys have size chart with weight?

We realized that each dog has different body type and weight doesn't give an accurate understanding of each body type. We didn't want our customers to choose a incorrect sizing, which is why we refrained from using any weight on our sizing.

6. I want to exchange my apparel/harness

We are very sorry that the sizing did not workout. Unfortunately we are only accepting returns at the moment. Please return the item for a full refund then reorder the item.

7. How can I return my order?

All our returns within the US is free within 30 days. Please check out our return page for more information.

8. I still have questions

No problem! You can always contact us through our email If you prefer a phone call, call us at 213-748-9030. We are available 9 am - 5 pm PST Monday - Friday