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Alpine Explorer

$ 49.50 $ 55.00
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Meet the Gooby Alpine Explorer. This is a must have for those of you that go on winter adventures with your dog.

As a pet parent, there is a lot to consider when you go on adventures with your dog. Is my dog going to be warm enough? comfortable enough? Did I bring everything?

You shouldn't have to worry about those things. The Alpine Explorer is the only apparel you need to bring for your dog.

It's both a jacket and an apparel, saving you the need and hassle of bringing an extra harness.

We put a hidden harness frame made with inner body straps that loops inside the apparel, making it stronger, safer, and more secured.

This is all possible with our proprietary Cross Lock Converter. It has a pull handle when you need tighter control of your dog. Or, you can attach your leash to the pull handle and use it as a harness.

With it, it's a 2-in-1 harness jacket.
Without it, it's a waterproof winter jacket.

And yes, it is waterproof and made with thick layers so your dog stays dry, warm, and comfy.

We might be biased, and yes... we shouldn't compare, but your dog is going to look the coolest out of the whole bunch.

So, carry less on your adventures.
Have peace of mind knowing that your dog is warm, safe, and comfortable in our Alpine Explorer.
Caring Instruction

Machine wash cold and air dry recommended

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