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It's a Head-in and a Step-in

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Convertible Z Harness

$ 42.99
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Why the Z Series?

Harnesses in our Z Series are equipped with "bungee cord-like" elastic rubber straps. They absorb and mitigate the shocks resulting from sudden pulls and serve as a cushion for comfort between your hand and your dog. Constant pulling isn't something to be overlooked. It creates stress on you and your dog, especially on longer walks and outdoor activities. Consider our Z Series if you have an excited pup that constantly pulls.

Why Convertible Z Harness?

There are different designs when it comes to making harnesses. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks and one isn't better than the other. It depends on which one suits you and your pup more. The convertible in the Convertible Z Harness refers to its hybrid design between the "head-in" and "step-in" harnesses. It is one of our most unique harnesses and has many features. Here's to name a few:

  • Convertible Hybrid Design - The d-rings are positioned further back closer to your dog's torso. This allows the pulling force to distribute around its chest, not its underarm, which could cause armpit rashes.
  • Fastener Neck Closure - easy adjustment of the neck size for a more secure fit, something you don't find with traditional head-in harnesses.
  • Shock Absorbing Design - cushions and softens the sudden shock when your pup pulls so it's not so hard on your arms.
  • Flexible Body Frame - contours to your pup's body shape and moves around as your pup moves, creating maximum comfort.
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Gooby Convertible Z Harness Size Chart
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Caring Instruction

Machine wash cold and air dry recommended

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🎄We're currently on Day 1-5 of our 12 Days of Christmas Event!

🔥 Apparel items only. 15% off all apparel. 20% off 5+ apparel

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Convertible Hybrid Design In Detail

The "convertible" aspect of this harness refers to a mixture in design between the "head-in" and "step-in" harness.

The following explanation is quite lengthy but gives a good explanation and context.

The major difference between a "head-in" vs. a "step-in" harness is the way you put them onto your pet.

A "Head-in" harness requires a correct measurement of your dog's neck since the harness is put on over your dog's head (this is the reason we call it "head-in").
A "Step-in" harness requires a correct measurement of your dog's chest since the harness is put on by your dog "stepping" into the harness (this is the reason we call it "step-in").

You might be wondering what's the difference?
In a nutshell, head-in harnesses are very hard for your dog to escape because the neck and chest part of the harness are connected.

The downside is that it's harder to put it on because once the head-in harness is over your dog's head, one of it's front legs needs to go through an opening on the side of the harness with no buckle.

To solve this, head-in harnesses with two buckles were made. However, some find it more bulky and cumbersome to put on.

This leads us to the Step-in harnesses. Step-in harnesses are all about "Easy-on, Easy-off" approach. Your dog steps through the two harness openings. You buckle it, and done.

The downside is step-in harnesses are easier to escape because the only point of contact to keep the harness staying on your dog is the buckle on its back.

Our convertible harness was created under the premise of combining the qualities of head-in and step-in harnesses. Convertible harness itself is a step-in harness, making it easy to put on and take off. It also has the velcro strap around the neck for adjustble neck size, providing a more secure fit preventing your dog escaping by backing out.


Let's get geeked out on the specific. 📖

Convertible Hybrid Design

  • Hybrid between "head-in" and "step-in" harness.
  • D-ring positioned further back to dog's torso
    • reduces armpit rashes
    • distributes pulling force around dog's torso instead of its underarms.

Shock Absorbing Design

Absorbs the shock created from sudden pulling so it's easier on your hands and your dog.

Fastener Neck Closure

Quick and easy neck adjustment for a secured fit with the velcro fastener.

Flexible Body Frame

  • the frame of the harness conforms to your dog's body shape when your pup makes turns.
  • ensuring maximum comfortable during the entire walk.

Scratch Resistant Outer Layer

Prevents scratches from your pup's paws or other objects when you guys are out for your walks.

Dual Metal Alloy D-Ring

High quality metal d-ring for extra security to withstand the test of time.

Inner Body Mesh

keeps your pup's body temperature cool.

Quick Release Buckle

In house custom designed buckle for easy release and puts less stress on your fingers.

Machine Washable

100 % polyester mesh material allows for easy cleaning and quick air dry, saving you time and hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

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