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Comfort X Harness

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Comfort X Head-In Harness Size Chart
Gooby Comfort X Head-In Harness Size Chart
Comfort X Head-In Harness Size Chart
Gooby Comfort X Head-In Harness Size Chart



Why Comfort X?

Did you know that small dogs are more prone to neck injuries from regular collars due to their smaller physique and neck structure?

This is especially true if your little furry member is a strong puller.

You see, while a yank to the dog leash might do just a little to bigger dogs, it can lead to severe neck injuries like tracheal collapses, a chronic and progressive disease that involves to obstructed airway and crushed windpipe.

YES, it is that serious.

Why Comfort X Head-In?

Head-In harness, also known as over-the-head harness, has been the standard and classic design in the harness industry. It is very difficult for your pooch to get out of a head-in harness because its neck enclosure is connected to its chest enclosure. However, it does take more time to put it on your dog and requires your dog's precise neck measurement compare to a step-in harness. If your dog is calm and isn't fearful of having a harness over their head, the Comfort X Head-In harness is a great choice.

Patented Choke Free X-Frame Design

Rather than having the pressure being directly concentrated on your dog's neck and windpipe when they pull, the choke free X frame design distributes the pressure evenly around your dog's chest and shoulders.

US Pat. No. D850,021 S
US Pat. No. D823,556 S

Breathable, Lightweight & Wrinkle Free Mesh

Weighing at just 0.15 lbs, the mesh polyester fabric is lightweight, comfortable, and keeps your pup's body temperature cool. Not to mention it is wrinkle free to keep the perfect look.

Microsuede Trimming

The soft microsuede trimming around the edges of the harness provides protection for your pup against chafe, a skin irritation caused by repetitive rubbing.

Metal D-Ring

High quality metal d-ring for extra security to withstand the test of time.

Machine Washable

100 % polyester mesh material allows for easy cleaning and quick air dry, saving you time and hassle.