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Why Dog Apparel?

You might not have realize this yourself, but besides from keeping yourself warm, you wear different clothes because it's a part of your identity. Unquestionably, your dog is a huge part in all of that, and we get it. When it comes to making dog apparel for your dearest furry child, we pride ourselves on sticking to these four principles: comfort, functionality, style, and simplicity.

Why Stretch Fleece Vest?

The Stretch Fleece Vest was made after our popular fleece vest. Unlike the regular fleece vest, the Stretch Fleece Vest is super stretchy and fits dogs up to 100+ lbs. We made it so versatile that it even fits a mini pig. Usually our sizes tend to run small for dogs under 35 lbs, but not for our Stretch Fleece Vest! This is our first attempt to offer bigger sizings for larger dog breeds due to popular demand. If your furry friend has a unique body shape and you have a hard time finding a comfortable soft fleece vest with proper sizing, our stretch fleece vest is definitely right for you.

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Cautionary Note:

Sizing is not consistent across products. Please double check all sizes according to your pet's measurements before adding to cart.

Gooby Stretch Fleece Vest Size Chart
How to Measure

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Caring Instruction

Machine wash cold and air dry recommended

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Story of Our Furry Gals & Pals

Let's hear it from our very own Gooby moms & dads.

“She wears the Stretch Fleece from the fall all the way through the winter months. She wears them outside. She wears them to sleep in. She wears them just about all the time.”

Amber C. & Emma Lou

“When I first got her, it was really important for me to have an item of clothing that I felt comfortable having her in and that she felt comfortable being in. It turns out that the Gooby Stretch Fleece was that one perfect item.”

Diana Q. & Millie

“The thing I like about Gooby is that their main goal is to make the dog as comfortable and as happy as possible.”

Evan I. & Aida

“One thing I really appreciate about Gooby stuff is it's practical, it's high quality, functional, it's made for city life. It just makes your life easier as a dog parent.”

Hana S. & Pepper

“We love it so much because it's really comfortable and warm. We like how it's stretchy. Iit really stretches for any breed and any size, even up to 100 pounds.”

Jasmine V. & Milo

“It is a pullover design which allows it to fit perfectly to my body like an extra coat. I can even take naps with it.”

Sarah L. & Olive

See the Fit

Different Sizes. Different Dogs. Same Great Fit.


Let's get geek out on the specifics. 📖

Stretchable Soft Fleece Bottom

Made with spandex and soft fleece, the half stretch fleece vest has a stretchable bottom for better fitting while providing warmth and comfort. The soft fleece is made with 95% polyester and is the same fabric used in making baby ear-warmers and bedsheets. That should tell you how cozy it is. It is widely used in the garment industry, here's why:

  • Strong, durable, yet lightweight.
  • Retains heat and keeps warmth.
  • Retains shape.
  • Wrinkle-resistant.

Multiple Colors & Sizes

With 15 different colors and 10 sizing options, finding one that fits and looks trendy on your pup should be a walk in the park. Click here for additional colors.

Pullover Design

Slip-On. Slip-Off. No extra zippers or velcros, making it easy to put on and ultra lightweight.

Bottom Opening Design

We made the bottom opening large enough so it doesn't get in the way of your pet when going to the bathroom.

Machine Washable

Machine washable material allows for easy cleaning and quick air dry, saving you time and hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions


It is a dog apparel designed to provide warmth, comfort, and a snug fit. It is super stretchy and versatile that it fits a mini pig and can even fits dogs up to 100+ lbs.

On top of that, it comes with the following features:

  • Wrinkle Resistant - designed to resist or minimize the formation of wrinkles on the fabric.
  • Pullover Design - can be easily pulled over the dog’s body for quick and convenient dressing.
  • Bottom Opening - it provides convenient and effortless access, making it easy to put on or remove the garment with ease.
  • Stretchable and Flexible - Made from a stretchy and flexible material that allows for ease of movement and unrestricted range of dog motions, making it accommodating to different dog body shapes and sizes.
  • Multiple Colors and Size options - provides customers with a range of options to choose from, allowing them to select the color and size that best suits their dog’s preferences and needs.

It is made with 90% polyester & 5% polyurethane.

Polyester is the same fabric used in making baby ear-warmers and bedsheets.

Polyurethane keeps moisture out and keep you dog always warm.

Follow these steps:

  1. Roll the sweater like a sock, then simply slip it over your dog's head.
  2. Guide their paws through the leg openings.
  3. Check the overall fit (It should fit snugly but not too tight)


Can be worn as a cozy layer underneath a harness or coat.

It is designed to provide a moderate level of warmth for your dog.

Its soft stretchy fleece material that offers a layer of insulation to help keep your furry friend comfortable in cooler temperatures.

Import note:

  • It is best suited for mild to moderate chilly weather.
  • It is a great layering piece under a heavier coat in colder climates.
  • It is not designed for extreme cold weather conditions.

Follow these steps:1. Measure the widest part of your dog's chest2. Measure your dog's length from the base of your dog's neck to the base of his tail.3. Refer to the sizing chart provided by Gooby to determine the appropriate size for your dog's vest.

Important note:

  • It has a lot of give due to its highly stretchable material.
  • We suggest using the length measurement as a guide rather than relying solely on the chest measurement when determining the best fit for your dog.

Alternatively, you can also reach out to one of our customer advocates and we would be happy to assist.You can reach us in any of the following ways.1. Live Chat 💬 (click on chat icon on the bottom right corner of your browser) 2. Email 📧 hello@goobypet.com3. SMS 💬 213.214.01754. Phone 📞 888.445.8011

Yes. It is so stretchable that it can even fit large breeds that could weigh up to 100+ lbs.

However, it's important to measure your dog's chest size and refer to the sizing chart provided to ensure a proper fit.

You can also reach out to one of our customer advocates and we would be happy to assist.

You can reach us in any of the following ways.

  1. Live Chat 💬 (click on chat icon on the bottom right corner of your browser)
  2. Email 📧
  3. SMS 💬 213.214.0175
  4. Phone 📞 888.445.8011

Certainly! You have the option to use it under a sweater, providing your pup with additional warmth if desired.

The vest is designed to be thin and comfy, so it can easily fit under most sweaters without causing any discomfort to your dog.

No. It is not waterproof.

While it is made of a stretchy and breathable fleece material that provides warmth and comfort, it is not designed to protect against water or liquid elements.

We've had feedbacks from our community that our stretch fleece works great on their cat but it is important to note that cats have distinct body structures, sizes, and temperaments in comparison to dogs.

For this reason, it is generally advised to opt for apparels specifically designed for cats.

Yes, it's great for all day wear.

Important note:

  • Some dogs may be more sensitive to certain fabrics or styles of clothing.
  • Monitor your dog closely while they are wearing apparel.
  • Remove if you notice any signs of discomfort or irritation.

Yes, it is machine washable.

We recommend the following:

  • using a gentle cycle with mild detergent and cold water
  • rinse the harness thoroughly before air drying it.

No. It does not have a leash attachment.

It is designed as a cozy layering piece to provide comfort and warmth to your furry friend.

While it doesn't have a leash attachment, it can be paired with a harness or coat that has D-rings to secure a leash.

The size chart on our website can typically be found on the product page just below the size variation of the stretch fleece.


If you are purchasing the vest from an online retailer or 3rd party seller (i.e Amazon or Chewy) the size chart will often be included in the product description or in a separate image that shows the chart.

The Stretch Fleece Vest is made of a stretchy and lightweight fleece material that allows for more freedom of movement while Fleece Vest is made of a traditional non-stretch fleece material.

Both are primarily designed as a layering piece and can provide some warmth and insulation for your dog during cool to mild weather conditions.

While the Stretch Fleece and the Microfiber Stretch Fleece shares the exact same sizing guide, the fit and the material is not expected to be exactly the same as one is made of spandex and soft fleece while the other one is microfiber.

Import note:

Always follow the chart and go by length as apparels that offer stretch has a lot of give.

Unfortunately we don't currently offer custom sizing or designs for any of our products.

Currently, only the Half Stretch Fleece, Half Zip Up Fleece Vest, the Zip Up Fleece Vest, Zip Up Fleece Wash, the Fleece Vest and the Fleece Vest Hoodie has leash rings.

Yes. It could potentially shrink or pill overtime.

We recommend the following:

  • using a gentle cycle with mild detergent and cold water
  • rinse the harness thoroughly before air drying it.



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1. Normal wear and tear

2. Misuse or improper use of the product

3. Chewing or biting

4. Alterations or modifications to the product

Sizing & Measurements

Our sizes run small since our harnesses focus on small to medium sized dogs. Please take a look at our size chart for more information and how to take accurate measurements. You can find out how to measure from here.

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