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Half Stretch Fleece Vest

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Half Stretch Fleece Vest Size Chart
Gooby Half Stretch Fleece Vest Size Chart
Half Stretch Fleece Vest Size Chart
Gooby Half Stretch Fleece Vest Size Chart

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Why Half Stretch Fleece Vest?

Do you have a small dog with a broad chest? If that's you, then you probably often struggle to find clothes that fit your little pooch. This is why we created the Half Stretch Fleece Vest. It has everything you would want in our popular Fleece Vest but with a stretchable bottom to provide a better fit for your small dog with broad chest. On top of that, it also comes in two-tone colors so you and your dog can go on that walk with style.

  • Core Features

    Stretchable Soft Fleece Bottom

    Made with spandex and soft fleece, the half stretch fleece vest has a stretchable bottom for better fitting while providing warmth and comfort. The soft fleece is made with 95% polyester and is the same fabric used in making baby ear-warmers and bedsheets. That should tell you how cozy it is. It is widely used in the garment industry, here's why:

    • Strong, durable, yet lightweight.
    • Retains heat and keeps warmth.
    • Retains shape.
    • Wrinkle-resistant.

    Unique Design - Two-Tone Colors

    Get on that walk with style in the new two-tone color Half Stretch Fleece Vest. Get used to getting complimented on how cute your dog looks.

    Leash Attachment

    No need to put on an extra harness for those short walks, although not recommended if your dog is a strong puller.

    Pullover Design

    Slip-On. Slip-Off. No extra zippers or velcros, making it easy to put on and ultra lightweight.

    Bottom Opening Design

    We made the bottom opening large enough so it doesn't get in the way of your pet when going to the bathroom.

    Machine Washable

    Machine washable material allows for easy cleaning and quick air dry, saving you time and hassle.

    machine wash cold and airdry illustration symbols.
    Caring Instruction

    Machine wash cold and air dry recommended.

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