Gooby strives to create products that are unique and functional.

Designers from different background gather to create our product

The initial development always starts with asking a question. what is the problem? Issues we have with our dogs or issues our dogs have with us. The reason we ask this is we want to be a problem solver. Solution provider. Conversationalist. A Remedy. Ibuprofen to your headache. Bandage to your paper cut. 

One of our very first product came out by asking the same question. The harnesses at that time focused on one function, to hold the dog. We thought that wasn't enough. We had to ask question why anyone would buy a harness and not a collar?

Then we came out with the idea of creating a harness with distributing the force away from the neck (a weak area for many small dogs) It is at this our famous X frame came to being. It provided with the simple solution to a problem without compromising he design.

Comfort X Series aim to maximize the comfort on the neck when pulled. Distributing the force around the neck away from tracheal.

Escape Free Series aim to protect the pup from escapade of the harness when backing away.