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Padded Vest Lift

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Padded Vest Lift Size Chart
Gooby Padded Vest Lift Size Chart
Padded Vest Lift Size Chart
Gooby Padded Vest Lift Size Chart


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Why Padded Vest Lift?

Padded Vest Lift has a back lift handle that is designed to safely help your dog up on things and over obstacles. You might find it most useful when you need to put your furry friend in a car when going to places such as to the vets or to hikes in difficult terrains. Or, it might be helpful if your pooch is older or injured where it needs your help with standing or walking down the stairs. Whatever the situation might be, the Padded Vest Lift is designed to "lift" your pet out of difficult situations.

  • Core Features

    Lift Handle

    Also known as the traffic handle. It offers support to older or injured pets by allowing you to safely help them up on things and over obstacles. It is also perfect for hiking in difficult terrains.

    Water Resistant

    The outer water resistant layer made with 100% Nylon helps your pup stay dry from sudden showers.

    Dual D-Ring Leash Attachment

    No need to put on an extra harness for those short walks, although not recommended if your dog is a strong puller.

    Anti-zipped Fur-guard

    Avoids your pet's hair from getting caught in the zipper. A painful experience that no pets should go through.

    Step-In Design

    Step-in. Zip-Up. Ready to go. Easy to put on and perfect for overly excited dogs or pets sensitive to pullover apparel.

    Bottom Opening Design

    We made the bottom opening large enough so it doesn't get in the way of your pet when going to the bathroom.

    Machine Washable

    Machine washable material allows for easy cleaning and quick air dry, saving you time and hassle.

    machine wash cold and airdry illustration symbols.
    Caring Instruction

    Machine wash cold and air dry recommended.

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