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Lite Gear Z Harness

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Lite Gear Z Harness Size Chart
Gooby Lite Gear Z Harness Size Chart
Lite Gear Z Harness Size Chart
Gooby Lite Gear Z Harness Size Chart



Why the Z Series?

Harnesses in our Z Series are equipped with "bungee cord-like" elastic rubber straps. They absorb and mitigate the shocks resulting from sudden pulls and serve as a cushion for comfort between your hand and your dog. Constant pulling isn't something to be overlooked. It creates stress on you and your dog, especially on longer walks and outdoor activities. Consider our Z Series if you have an excited pup that constantly pulls.

Why Lite Gear Z Harness?

Different situation calls for different wears. You wouldn't wear jeans and sandals to a hike because that would just be uncomfortable, right? When we were creating the Lite Gear Z Harness, we focused the entire design by constantly asking ourselves, Is this going to be comfortable for dogs that constantly pulls as well as for owners that are holding on?
This is why we made the Lite Gear Z Harness with

  • Flexible Body Frame - contours to your pup's body shape and moves around as your pup moves, creating maximum comfort.
  • Shock Absorbing Design - cushions and softens the sudden shock when your pup pulls so it's not so hard on your arms.
  • Easy-Snap Rotational Buckles - rotate when your pup makes sudden turns which adds comfort and further complements the flexible body frame.

All in all, the Lite Gear Z Harness is a great fit if you've been searching for an ergonomic harness for those weekend getaways with your pup.

Flexible Body Frame

  • the frame of the harness conforms to your dog's body shape when your pup makes turns.
  • ensuring maximum comfort for the entire walk.

Shock Absorbing Design

Absorbs the shock created from sudden pulling so it's easier on your hands and your dog.

Easy-Snap Rotational Buckle

  • Snaps on instantly for ease of use.
  • rotates freely so the harness can conform to your dog's body shape.

Scratch Resistant Outer Layer

Prevents scratches from your pup's paws or other objects when you guys are out for your walks.

Inner Body Mesh

keeps your pup's body temperature cool.

Metal Alloy D-Ring

High quality metal d-ring for extra security to withstand the test of time.

Head-In Design

Classic design where the neck and chest parts of the harnesses are connected, requiring more work for your dog to get out of the harness.

Machine Washable

100 % polyester mesh material allows for easy cleaning and quick air dry, saving you time and hassle.