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Escape Free® Memory Foam Harness

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Key Features

Memory Foam - Padded with memory foam, the harness reduces any force put on the dog when pulled

Fleece Lined - Fleece inside the harness creates warmth during the cold weather and provides the dog with soft touch

Escape FreePatented functionality keeps the dog from escaping the harness Learn more about Escape Free Functionality.

Note:In order to utilize the functionality, make sure the sizing is correct by checking to see if harness still have space around the back, even after fully tightening the harness. There should be no space around the back whatsoever when the harness is pulled.

Step In - Step in frame makes it easy to put on and take off the harness

gooby memory foam harness size chart

If you couldn't find a size for your pup. Help us create a better harness by clicking here

How to put on your dog


- Fleece Lined Body

- Memory Foam Padded

- Metal d ring


Care Instruction

- Machine Wash Cold

- Air Dry Recommended


US Pat. No. US 10,130,076 B2
US Pat. No. US D798,508 S