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Comfort X Head-In Harness V2

Comfort X Harness Version 2 provides a same functionality as the Comfort X Harness with extra color choices.
Reversed mesh adds a different look than its original counter part.
Comfort X Harness is all around harness that is good for your regular walks near the park. The harness's patented X frame design relieves any force being put on a neck and distributes them evenly around their chest. 

Key Features

Soft Mesh - Soft breathable mesh that is light weight

Two Toned Colors - Unique vibrant color choices

Choke Free - Patented choke free design distributes the force when pulled around the chest away from the neck

How to put on your dog



- Polyester mesh

- Nylon strap

- Metal d ring


Care Instruction

- Machine Wash Cold

- Air Dry


US Pat. No. D850,021 S
US Pat. No. D823,556 S